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5 Tips For An Amazing Boudoir Photo Shoot

Forget about supermodels and movie stars. The gentleman you love thinks you’re the most beautiful girl he’s ever laid eyes upon. What could be sweeter than giving him a little eye candy he can keep forever? Boudoir photography is the perfect vehicle for doing just that. Meant to capture your unique beauty, inner spark, and one of a kind personality in tasteful pictures, a boudoir photo session is a timeless way to share your sensuality with your partner.

Such an intimate type of photo shoot calls for special care to ensure you’re thrilled with the results. Here are three crucial tips for success:

Consider Tanning

Unless your beauty ideal involves an ivory white complexion, consider a few tanning sessions. The extra hint of color helps to disguise blemishes and enhances the appearance of your body. In finished photos, you will appear more toned and vibrant. Be sure to schedule your tanning sessions well ahead of your photo shoot so that there’s no risk of redness.

Select Outfits That Make You Feel Confident

Many women assume that to participate in a boudoir photo session, they’ll need to wear microscopic, lacy lingerie. This is simply untrue. If a long, sleek silk chemise makes you feel confident and sexy, wear it. Sometimes a hint of shoulder, or a sliver of decollete is sexier than a mile of bare flesh. You boudoir photographer in Southport is an expert at creating images of you that convey your sensuality in any ensemble.

For Better Still Images, Move

No one wants flat-looking, overly posed boudoir portraits. The secret to keeping any picture exciting is to move a bit. Your photographer may help you to pose, and show you the angle and position that will create the best image. While holding that pose, you can still change the tilt of your head, pop out your shoulders for more definition, or experiment with parting your lips. These tiny adjustments infuse a photograph with a sense of vitality, and will ensure that your proofs give you lots of enticing images from which to choose.

Even more important than these tips, is your choice of photographer. When selecting someone to take your keepsake photos, you’ll want to choose someone whose skill is matched by his professionalism. If you feel comfortable with your photographer, it will be easy to loosen your inhibitions and enjoy an amazing shoot. In the Southport Lancashire area, Fletcherhill photography offers a full menu of photographic services. Graham Fletcher-Hill’s images demonstrate an amazing level of skill and versatility. His images captivate in both his naturalistic portraiture as well as his high fashion shots. A photographer capable of this kind of flexibility is sure to be the best choice in helping you to achieve your own romantic photography vision.