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Why Hire a Theatre Photographer?

Have you ever been looking at a theatre brochure for a play that seems to have a good cast, that’s being put on in a good theatre, it may be one of your favorite works, and it’s getting rave reviews, but you just plain don’t feel too excited about it after looking through the brochure. Nine times out of ten, this comes down to boring photography.

A lot of photographers, even good photographers, simply don’t know how to capture the energy of the theatre. It has to do with more than just sitting in your seat and grabbing a few shots.

Theatre photography involves knowing the right moments to capture, knowing the right angles, being able to really capture the life of the play.

Obviously, every photographer has their own style, and who you hire to photograph theatre depends entirely on what sort of face you want to put forth to the public. In Southport, you’ll see theatre photography along the full range from pictures that really bring the performance to life in two dimensions, to flat, weak photography that just makes a night at the theatre look like a big bore.

The main thing is capturing that spark of energy, of action, of life, that really makes the theatre so addictive to the people who attend. It may be called a “play”, but for the performers and lovers of the stage, it’s a way of life, and that’s what the best theatre photography is able to capture: the stage as a world in itself.

There have been some attempts to piece together live performance by using footage shot entirely by theatre-goers. The end results usually show little more than good intentions amidst the footage which ranges from “okay” to unusable. The fact is that if you don’t have an eye for theatre, for how to present real energy in two dimensions, then you won’t be able to capture the feeling of “being there”. A photographer in Southport should be able to capture that feeling.

Being able to photograph a live performance requires more than just a good live performance. It’s through the photographer’s eye, through their knowledge of lighting, angle, composition and energy that the performance comes to life. No matter how great the performance, not every camera can capture it.

If you want to put butts in seats, as the old saying goes, hire a photographer who knows the theatre.