Actors portfolio shots – Merseyside

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A great portfolio is a must have for anyone trying to get ahead in the entertainment industry. An acting or modeling headshot is one of the most important marketing tools you can use to jump start your career. Located in Merseyside in North West England, Fletcherhill Photography works with actors, models, dancers and other performers to meet all their photography needs.

Portfolio shots are a prerequisite for any actors or entertainers entering the business. Your headshot is essentially your calling card as a working actor. You will need it to get your name and your face out there. An interesting, professional portfolio can help you, as an actor or model, stand out in a crowd and get discovered.

We know what it takes to put together a beautifully constructed acting or modeling portfolio, and we strive to get the very best from each and every client who steps in front of our cameras. Encouraging, artistic and skilled, our goal is to help you create an eye-catching headshot that will get you noticed. The photography you choose to represent you in your portfolio shots should capture who you are as an entertainer and put your best foot forward visually. What do you want your portfolio to say about you?

Whether you require new photos to build your actor’s portfolio or are ready update your existing one, contact Fletcherhill Photography in Merseyside. Getting your face out there is one of the most important steps to success in the entertainment industry, and a great headshot photo will be a significant asset in marketing your talent.

Wedding Photography Southport With Fletcher Hill

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Fletcher Hill Photography Southport offer an excellent wedding photography service with  years of experience and know the importance of providing amazing wedding photos for any couple looking for professional high-end wedding photos for their special day.

View our portfolio here

Ormskirk wedding photography

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Fletcher Hill is one of the top names in Ormskirk wedding photography. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the Ormskirk area, Graham Fletcher-Hill is one of the most trusted photographers you can find.

View our portfolio here

Child Photography Southport

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Fletcherhill Photography is the ideal choice for child, baby and family photography in the Merseyside and Southport area.

View our portfolio

Studio Portraits Southport, Merseyside

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Studio Portraits Southport, Merseyside from Fletcher Hill – portfolio

Baby Photography Liverpool

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Baby Photography Liverpool – portfolio

Fletcherhill Photography, serving Liverpool and Merseyside, specializes in wedding and baby photography and is committed to making portraits as special and enduring as the love they document. Fletcherhill Photography is run by Graham Fletcher-Hill, a professional photographer based near the Liverpool and Merseyside areas. Graham has been in love with photography since he was a child, is a graduate of the prestigious Annabel Williams Bespoke Training Program and has years of experience as a special event, portrait and baby photographer in the Liverpool and Merseyside areas.

Fletcherhill Photography understands that baby photography is a unique art and is dedicated to producing baby photographs in the Liverpool and Merseyside areas that are as beautiful as your baby is. Graham has years of experience in baby photography in the Liverpool and Merseyside areas. He will make certain that the experience is pleasant for your baby and will produce baby portraits in the Liverpool and Merseyside areas that will be cherished for years to come. You’ll have complete control over the aesthetics of your baby photos when you choose to work with Liverpool and Merseyside’s premier baby photographer. Whether you’re looking for classic black and white face portraits of your baby, beautiful color portraits of your baby or more contemporary styles featuring photographs of the baby’s hands and feet in addition to his or her face, Fletcherhill Photography can accommodate your photography needs in the Liverpool or Merseyside area. Please browse our extensive collection of baby photos on the Fletcherhill Photography website’s “baby gallery” to get a clearer idea of the full range of possibilities for your baby’s photo shoot in the Liverpool or Merseyside areas.

Fletcherhill Photography also offers a variety of packages for wedding photography in Liverpool and Merseyside. Graham takes a documentary approach to wedding photography that recognizes that your Liverpool or Merseyside wedding is an exciting event that deserves to be told as a narrative unto itself. Fletcherhill Photography will document both your love story as a couple and the story of your special day in Liverpool or Merseyside in a series of beautiful photos that will be cherished by your family for generations to come. With years of experience in the Liverpool and Merseyside areas, Fletcherhill Photography is a locally based wedding photography company that is a part of your community and is committed to meeting your needs. Please visit our website for examples of the various beautiful options available for recording your Liverpool or Merseyside area wedding. From your first married kiss to the wedding toast, from flower girls to wedding presents, Graham will ensure that every aspect of your wedding is tastefully recorded with an understanding of the unique aesthetic of your Liverpool or Merseyside wedding.

Family studio portraits Southport

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Family studio portraits Southport

Wedding Photographer Merseyside

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Wedding Photographer Merseyside

Your wedding day is one of the most important moments in a person’s life. Just as important is finding the right photographer to help capture your special day and preserve it for a lifetime. Finding a photographer to capture the celebration of this special day can be a daunting task. Fletcherhill Photography in Merseyside can relieve you of all your photographic concerns by expertly capturing the joy of your wedding.
Great wedding photography is about more than just owning a camera. It involves years of experience, an eye for detail, and artistic flair. Fletcherhill Photography in Merseyside is one such wedding photography service. Building your perfect wedding album will be a joy with the knowledge that you are hiring a reliable, expert photographer to handle all the photographic aspects of your wedding in intimate detail. Wedding photography with Graham Fletcher-Hill is an enjoyable experience and you’ll come away with images that are beautiful, natural and will cherish for the rest of your life.

Fletcherhill Photography in Merseyside takes the difficulty out of your photographic decisions. It is important to familiarize yourself with our studio. By viewing Fletcherhill Photography’s photo galleries, you can easily see that we are the right choice for your big day. Though your interaction with a photographer may be brief, the pictures taken and the moments captured can affect your life for many years. By choosing Fletcherhill Photography for wedding photography, you will be ensured to have pleasant memories of your wedding for years to come.

Finding a quality professional photographer is not easy. Whether it is for wedding pictures, family portraits, or business portfolios, one will quickly find themselves inundated with countless local options. It is important to find a professional that has the experience and expertise to handle a wide array of assignments, such as weddings, family portraits, acting, musician or artist portfolios, and glamour shots.

Regardless of your photographic needs, it is important to find a reliable professional that not only takes their work seriously, but elevates it to high art. Anyone can take a picture, but only Fletcherhill Photography Merseyside ensures that the job will be done perfectly and with an artist’s eye.

Fletcherhill Photography serves the area of Southport, Preston, Liverpool, Manchester, and other areas throughout the United Kingdom. Fletcherhill Photography stands out as a simply remarkable and groundbreaking photography studio. Fletcherhill Photography – making enjoyable memories one picture at a time.

Wedding Photographer Southport

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Are you ready to preserve your wedding memories for eternity? There’s a well-known saying about a picture being worth a thousand words, but there’s nothing to guarantee those words will always be favourable. The camera has the ability to replicate every little detail, either revealing the subject in all its stunning glory or bringing to light the imperfections we’d rather nobody noticed. Representing yourself ideally on your most important day is all about picking a Southport photographer who knows how to cast you in the best light.

Of course, every subject is wholly unique and it takes a well-trained eye to create a consistently pleasing look without making all the photos in your wedding album look like the same drab fare. Each individual shot ought to stand out, because each one preserves a specific memory, an invaluably unique moment in time that will never occur again.

Great Southport wedding photography is about more than just pointing the camera and taking a snap, it involves detailed planning, placement and a keen eye for detail. A good photographer plans well, and when covering events, they remain vigilant, always ready for the spur-of-the moment shots that instantly reveals the mood of the moment. Fletcherhill Photography in Southport are one such wedding photography service.

Choosing the Right Southport Wedding Photographer

So what does one need to look out for during their search for a Southport wedding photographer? Well, to start out with, you’ll doubtlessly encounter hundreds if not thousands of local options, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with portfolios. By viewing a Southport wedding photographer’s past work online, you can easily determine if they’re the right choice for your big day.

Expert photographers are no strangers to taking thousands of shots under pressure. This speedy prowess affords their clients the opportunity to pick and choose from a number of options. Building your perfect wedding album is much easier when every pertinent part is covered in intimate detail.

Your Southport wedding photographer may not be someone you associate with for a long period of time, but the brief interactions you do have with them will affect the way you remember your wedding for years to come. Always look for a Southport pro who has experience with a number of assignments, weddings and commercial shoots. By finding a photographer with a diversified portfolio, you can ensure that the images they produce for your event will capture a range of true-to-life emotion that you’ll someday look back upon fondly.

Promotional Photography Liverpool

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Whether you are an individual who is trying to get your foot in the door for an acting or modeling career, or you are searching for advertising material for your company to help build profits for your products or services, you will find that hiring a reputable photographer is the key. A photographer that is both skilled and experienced in handling promotional photography shoots will be able to work with you for the most desired results. However, selecting the photographer who will be helping you put together your promotional photo album should not be a task that you take lightly.

Benefits of Selecting the Right Photographer for Your Promotional Photos

Putting together a profile filled with glamour shots for your acting, modeling or musical career is more than just taking some photographs and placing them in an album. You need to have a variety of themes, settings and effects that are correctly captured in the photographs. Even the simplest details such as the tilt of your head or background setting can drastically change the perception that another person will get from your portfolio when choosing their next talent lineup.

Fletcherhill Photography has many years of experience handling these types of promotional photographs. Graham Fletcher-Hill who is the photographer for this reputable company oversees all of the photo shoots personally. Graham has a special talent for capturing not only the individual, but transfers the emotion in his photographs as well. Located in Southport, Fletcherhill Photography has a great deal of experience setting up photo shoots for individuals located in the Liverpool area. Graham can recommend many different settings to help create the results that you are hoping to capture based on previous work he has performed for his clients. You will be able to use your portfolio when applying for acting, modeling or musical gigs with confidence.

A Different Approach to Marketing

When dealing with the advertising and marketing of retail products and merchandise or the services industry, a lot can be gained from a promotional photography session. Graham has a solid work history with businesses throughout the Liverpool and surrounding areas. He is a professional photographer that possesses both experience and passion for the work that he performs. These are just a few of the qualities that allow him to create photographs for businesses that tell a story of their own. Products tend to look desirable to views and services that are offered are viewed in a more reputable light in the photographs that he creates for his clients. Businesses will notice great profitable gains by putting their trust in Fletcherhill Photography to build their promotional product and services album for them.

Promotional photographer Southport

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For many careers such as acting and music, your appearance is equally as important as your skill in that profession. Employing a promotional photographer from Southport can help get you noticed in even the most competitive market. Their Southport photographs can be used in various ways to draw attention to whatever service you are offering.

Every actor knows that a headshot can make or break an audition. Headshots are submitted sometimes before auditions are even arranged, which means you must grab the person’s attention in a single glance before being lost in the pile. While some people settle for photos taken by themselves or their friends, more serious actors know the importance of hiring a professional. By investing in your career in this way, you can be confident that you are showing off your best side.

Musicians sometimes neglect the importance of their appearance. As a budding rock star, you need to keep in mind that your look has to be marketable for a record agency. This does not mean you need to change your style. A talented Southport photographer will be able to capture the essence of your music through their lens. To help guarantee you get the best possible images, take the time to discuss the music with whoever you hire. Also, suggest they shoot you during a performance. These images can be used on websites, posters for upcoming shows, as well as CD covers.

Promotional photography Southport is not only for individuals. Various Southport businesses can benefit from investing in this sort of images as well. Chefs know that the key to someone’s appetite lays in their eyes. To market your new restaurant, hire someone to take some mouthwatering photos of the menu for your website or an ad in the local paper. This kind of exposure can help you establish a group of loyal patrons. This is a great idea for any new business, especially hotels and clothing boutiques. Even already established companies can benefit- have you renovated recently? Show off the changes in some photos and watch new faces start coming in.

If you are interested in furthering your career through promotional photography, Southport has multiple companies willing to help you in this area. When choosing a Southport photographer, be sure to find someone who understands how to take the type of images you are looking for. Not all Southport professionals have the experience needed to capture a winning photograph.

Portrait photographer Southport

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Stylish Photography To Last a LifetimeGraham Fletcher-Hill of Fletcherhill Photography is based on the coast of Southport, Lancashire and offers stunning and eye-catching photography. He can handle any photographic need you may have; his photos are striking and truly capture the personality and essence of each subject.

Whether you’re in need of portrait, wedding, or family photography, your needs will be met. All types of family celebrations can be photographed, as well as photos for professions such as fashion, promotional and performance photography. Capture the joy in a wedding, the beauty of a bride, the affection and love of the newly married couple. Capture the sweet innocence of those fleeting and precious baby years. Fashion photography, headshots, live performances as well as other important moments for the creative professional are all caught succinctly and effortlessly on film. Feel like you were at the actual event as you enjoy the photos of live events and performances.

Be prepared to have a spontaneous and fun photography session with Fletcher-Hill Photography. The sessions are yours, and you should feel free to be as relaxed as possible to enjoy the session. You’ll have a fun experience and come away with images that are beautiful, natural and are worth remembering, and your service won’t be compromised. You’ll have images that will be art you can display, cherish and share for many years to come.

The areas that are serviced include Southport, Preston, Liverpool, Manchester, and as well as locations all throughout the United Kingdom. Visit the website at to see an eye-opening and eclectic portfolio as well as all the contact information that you need, including a phone number, email, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube information. Fletcherhill Photography Southport has a strong presence on the web and in real life, and is very easy to get in contact with. The web based portfolio speaks for itself in terms of creativity and is easy to navigate online. Also available online is a blog where you can keep up with the latest new and goings-on of Fletcherhill Photography. In a world of mediocre, Graham Fletcher-Hill stands out as a simply remarkable and groundbreaking artist.

Boudoir photographer Southport

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5 Tips For An Amazing Boudoir Photo Shoot

Forget about supermodels and movie stars. The gentleman you love thinks you’re the most beautiful girl he’s ever laid eyes upon. What could be sweeter than giving him a little eye candy he can keep forever? Boudoir photography is the perfect vehicle for doing just that. Meant to capture your unique beauty, inner spark, and one of a kind personality in tasteful pictures, a boudoir photo session is a timeless way to share your sensuality with your partner.

Such an intimate type of photo shoot calls for special care to ensure you’re thrilled with the results. Here are three crucial tips for success:

Consider Tanning

Unless your beauty ideal involves an ivory white complexion, consider a few tanning sessions. The extra hint of color helps to disguise blemishes and enhances the appearance of your body. In finished photos, you will appear more toned and vibrant. Be sure to schedule your tanning sessions well ahead of your photo shoot so that there’s no risk of redness.

Select Outfits That Make You Feel Confident

Many women assume that to participate in a boudoir photo session, they’ll need to wear microscopic, lacy lingerie. This is simply untrue. If a long, sleek silk chemise makes you feel confident and sexy, wear it. Sometimes a hint of shoulder, or a sliver of decollete is sexier than a mile of bare flesh. You boudoir photographer in Southport is an expert at creating images of you that convey your sensuality in any ensemble.

For Better Still Images, Move

No one wants flat-looking, overly posed boudoir portraits. The secret to keeping any picture exciting is to move a bit. Your photographer may help you to pose, and show you the angle and position that will create the best image. While holding that pose, you can still change the tilt of your head, pop out your shoulders for more definition, or experiment with parting your lips. These tiny adjustments infuse a photograph with a sense of vitality, and will ensure that your proofs give you lots of enticing images from which to choose.

Even more important than these tips, is your choice of photographer. When selecting someone to take your keepsake photos, you’ll want to choose someone whose skill is matched by his professionalism. If you feel comfortable with your photographer, it will be easy to loosen your inhibitions and enjoy an amazing shoot. In the Southport Lancashire area, Fletcherhill photography offers a full menu of photographic services. Graham Fletcher-Hill’s images demonstrate an amazing level of skill and versatility. His images captivate in both his naturalistic portraiture as well as his high fashion shots. A photographer capable of this kind of flexibility is sure to be the best choice in helping you to achieve your own romantic photography vision.

Family photographer Southport

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Family Photographer Southport

It can be difficult to find a good family photographer who can create stunning portraits of you and your loved ones. Whether you wish to commemorate the birth of your newest family member or have cherished photos of your beautiful wedding, you want to be sure that every picture captures the joy and spirit of your family. An experienced photographer is a must if you want your photographs to last a lifetime.

For those of you who live in the Southport area such a photographer is easy to find. At Fletcherhill Photography experience and talent combine to take lovely photographs that are sure to please. Graham Fletcher-Hill has devoted much time and effort into developing his photography gifts and has become an excellent photographer as a result.

As an experienced photographer, Mr. Fletcher-Hill is capable of taking beautiful pictures of many different subjects and in a variety of situations. He is equally at home snapping a few shots of a happy family in a local park as capturing the joy of a newly wedded couple as they walk down the aisle. He also excels in creating beautiful portraits that are perfect for graduation photos or for an actor’s portfolio. Such diversity of subjects allows Graham Fletcher-Hill to be creative and take the superb photographs he has become known for.

While taking wedding photographs Mr. Fletcher-Hill creates flattering pictures that capture the special moments which occur throughout the day. The traditional posed portraits of family and friends are lifted out of the ordinary with careful attention to lighting and placement. In Graham Fletcher-Hill’s capable hands intimate photos of the bride and groom become works of art, testaments to the couple’s love.

Actors who live near or have occasion to travel to Southport will want to stop in and get a few promotional shots taken at Fletcherhill Photography. Mr. Fletcher-Hill specializes in creating glamorous portraits that are sure to flatter and will show off your natural beauty. Those of you who have no need to fill a portfolio might still want to consider a session at Fletcherhill Photography to create keepsake portraits that are perfect gifts for family and loved ones.

Don’t let those precious moments and people in your life slip away without creating photographs to remember them by. Drop by Fletcherhill Photography today and find out how you can capture those memories in beautiful photographs that will be cherished forever.

Newborn baby photographer Southport

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Newborn Baby Photographer: Capture Your Memories TodayAre you getting ready to have a baby or do you have a newborn baby? If so, you’ve probably started thinking about way to capture some of those precious early moments in your child’s life. Sleeping or awake, you probably want a professional photographer to capture those moments that pass by way too quickly. If you live in the UK, Graham Fletcher-Hill of Fletcherhill Photography  could be the perfect photographer for you.

Why Choose Fletcherhill Photography?

Graham of Fletcherhill Photography is located in Southport, Lancashire, England. He works in that area and the surroundings areas. He has several years of experience and shoots weddings, family photos, portraits and glamour shots. With a creative style that showcases the uniqueness and individuality of all his clients, he strives to capture and preserve moments that truly capture his clients’ personalities.

Does He Have Experience Shooting Newborn Photos?

With four children of his own, he knows how precious every moment is when your newborn baby has first made its entrance into the world. His photo gallery features several babies in various stages of sleep and wakefulness. His photos capture the moments that make your baby special, so years from now, you can refer back to them and share them.

How Does It Work?

Give Fletcherhill Photography a call or drop them an email. They’ll get back to you to schedule a meeting and an appointment. In the meantime,  look at the beautiful pictures and photo styles. Rest assured that your precious baby and your priceless memories are in good hands.

For weddings and other occasions, the photographer uses a mix of candid shots and posed shots which can fully use the natural light in the area and go a long way towards capturing you at your best. Again, visit the website so you can see the stunning quality and beautiful images yourself.

Newborn baby photographs are some of the most important photographs a new parent can acquire. All too soon, your little one will be crawling, walking, talking and running. While those memories are also precious, there’s nothing quite like those few delicious moments when you realize that you’ve created something special and infinitely precious. Document those moments today so you can have them for years to come.

Theatre photographer Southport

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Why Hire a Theatre Photographer?

Have you ever been looking at a theatre brochure for a play that seems to have a good cast, that’s being put on in a good theatre, it may be one of your favorite works, and it’s getting rave reviews, but you just plain don’t feel too excited about it after looking through the brochure. Nine times out of ten, this comes down to boring photography.

A lot of photographers, even good photographers, simply don’t know how to capture the energy of the theatre. It has to do with more than just sitting in your seat and grabbing a few shots.

Theatre photography involves knowing the right moments to capture, knowing the right angles, being able to really capture the life of the play.

Obviously, every photographer has their own style, and who you hire to photograph theatre depends entirely on what sort of face you want to put forth to the public. In Southport, you’ll see theatre photography along the full range from pictures that really bring the performance to life in two dimensions, to flat, weak photography that just makes a night at the theatre look like a big bore.

The main thing is capturing that spark of energy, of action, of life, that really makes the theatre so addictive to the people who attend. It may be called a “play”, but for the performers and lovers of the stage, it’s a way of life, and that’s what the best theatre photography is able to capture: the stage as a world in itself.

There have been some attempts to piece together live performance by using footage shot entirely by theatre-goers. The end results usually show little more than good intentions amidst the footage which ranges from “okay” to unusable. The fact is that if you don’t have an eye for theatre, for how to present real energy in two dimensions, then you won’t be able to capture the feeling of “being there”. A photographer in Southport should be able to capture that feeling.

Being able to photograph a live performance requires more than just a good live performance. It’s through the photographer’s eye, through their knowledge of lighting, angle, composition and energy that the performance comes to life. No matter how great the performance, not every camera can capture it.

If you want to put butts in seats, as the old saying goes, hire a photographer who knows the theatre.

Wedding Photographer Lancashire

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What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer like Fletcherhill PhotographyOnce the bouquet is thrown and the honeymoon has ended, what is left from all those long months of planning your wedding? If you choose the right photographer, you will have a photo album that you and your loved ones can look through in the years to come. While many people plan a professional photographer into their budget, few take the time needed to make sure the person they hire is capable of capturing the magic of the event.

The first thing you need to do when looking for a wedding photographer is make the time for interviews. While you may be considering hiring a large company or someone over the internet, an in-person meeting can help you determine if the person is interested more in the bottom line than in the art. It is also important to evaluate your level of comfort with each potential photographer. You are going to be sharing one of the most special days in your life with them. If they cannot make you feel at ease, it will show in your photos. It is better to pay a little more than have an album full of forced smiles.

Another quality you should look for is passion- passion for photography as well as for weddings. If your photographer truly loves their job and wants to be there, the quality of the images will be superior to those taken by an apathetic eye. Their passion for their work will help to capture moments that others may deem trivial or a waste of film. You should also take an interest in how organized each person you interview is. If they show up late, are unsure of their schedules, or without sample images and references, do not hire them. If they cannot get things together for a simple interview, imagine how frazzled they will be for the wedding.

For Lancashire residents, choosing a wedding photographer like Fletcherhill Photography may seem difficult with all the different choices you have. By arranging an initial interview, you can get a feel for the photographer and their sense of style. It is important to not only discuss the particular events you want captured, but you should also plan at least thirty minutes after the ceremony for pictures. Taking candid photos may seem more fun, but a combination of arranged images and unplanned moments will make allow you to have an album that captures your wedding perfectly.

Wedding Photographer Manchester

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Wedding Photographer ManchesterIf you’re looking for a wedding photographer in the Manchester area, consider looking into Fletcher Hill Photography. In addition to shooting weddings, we’ll also do family portraits, head shots for actors, performance shots, and many other types of photography. Graham Fletcher-Hill, the photographer, has lots of experience and will work with you to make sure that you get just the right pictures that you desire. He is based in Southport Lancashire and will cover the surrounding areas, including Manchester. On your wedding day in Manchester, you can be sure that you can count on Fletcher-Hill.

Not only will he be your wedding photographer on your wedding day, when you get a wedding package with Fletcher Hill you will also receive a pre-wedding shoot. This shoot can be used for engagement photos or anything that you might want, and you can purchase prints from it as well. Even if you don’t want the pictures, it’s still a fabulous way to get to know your wedding photographer before the big day, and to see what style of pictures he takes, how you get along with him, and what sort of shots you might want him to take. That way you can relax on the day of your wedding, knowing that you’ll have wonderful photographs.

When considering what other wedding photographers in the Manchester area will offer you, you should take into account all of the small details that Fletcher Hill will work hard to capture. One thing that you should know is that he will very discreet – unlike some of the more obnoxious wedding photographers, he will try to stay in the background and not get in your way all day, while still getting some beautiful gorgeous photographs. His images are of the highest quality, and you’ll get them all in a lovely album after the wedding.

Just taking a quick look at the photographs he’s done will show how skilled he is. And unlike some other wedding photographers in Manchester, he will take whatever shots you like. If you want a lot of posed, traditional shots, he will make them look beautiful. And he is also very skilled at capturing those candid moments. Sometimes some of the best wedding photography comes from when people aren’t posing or expecting their picture to be taken. These photos truly capture the happiness and wonder of your special day and preserve for you for a lifetime.

Wedding photographer Liverpool

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Wedding Photographer Liverpool

Your wedding day is one of the most important events that will occur within your lifetime. So much planning and preparations go into creating the perfect day for the happy couple. Hiring a photographer to capture these special memories in photographs for you is one way that you will have these special moments to treasure for the rest of your lifetime.

Getting the Results That You Deserve

Selecting a photographer to create a wedding album filled with the most cherished moments of your wedding day is not something that should be done in haste. Since this is one of those events that are impossible to recreate, you should have the confidence in your wedding photographer that they will be able to capture the moments that will mean the most to you and your spouse. From simple little twinkles in the eye while preparing for the ceremony to the actual exchanging of the vows, you wedding photographer should have the experience and knowledge to create a wedding day album that you can look back on for many years to come and feel the emotion that you experienced in that once in a lifetime moment.

When planning your wedding venue in Liverpool, your selected photographer should have knowledge of the geographical area so that they can help make setting selections to provide you with photographs that match your personality. The photographer will be able to give suggestions based on desired themes, background settings or atmospheres that set a scene for effect. These are simple elements that many photographers neglect to consider, but have a dramatic outcome on your finished wedding day photo album.

A Trusted Photographer That Makes a Difference

Located in Southport, Fletcherhill Photography has been helping couples throughout Liverpool and surrounding areas create a wedding album that they can be proud of. Graham Fletcher-Hill is a master photographer of this company that possesses both a talent and a passion for the work that he does. He truly understands what the couple expects from the finished work and works diligently to create a photo album of their wedding day that reflects this.

Having many years of experience in working in the Liverpool area, Graham has a phenomenal list of settings throughout the area where the couple can select to have their photographs taken. He places special emphasis on the small details that are often lost throughout the confusion of the day so that the couple can cherish them during the quiet moments of life together. You can take comfort in knowing that this is one important detail of your wedding day that will be handled with both professionalism and perfection.